Net Worth Update Dec 2019

This will be my second and last quarterly net worth update. I’ve decided that a half-yearly net worth update is really all that’s necessary, given that growth for me is at the low end of the scale in these early days on the journey to FIRE, and the percentages don’t change significantly within such a short time frame.

As at the end of 2019, I’m still tracking pretty much the same. The only changes are in the PPOR and Cash figures, which have lost/gained 1% each respectively. However, in terms of percentage gain in overall net worth, I gained approximately 4.16% in my first (September) quarter of tracking and 2.37% (compounded) in the December quarter. The total percentage increase from when I started tracking to now is 6.63%. That seems like a respectable figure for a six month period; if it continues in a similar vein for the remainder of the financial year, that will represent a 13.26% annual increase.

As per my previous NWU, I transferred almost all of the income from the sale of my APT shares into my superannuation. My remaining shares are unfortunately not doing particularly well. Airxpanders (AXP) have gone out of business altogether, resulting in a 100% loss on those shares. I’ve yet to dig into why this happened – they had a good product that worked, and had been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, so my initial assumption is that they had problems bringing it to market. It’s a shame, as a lot of women who’ve had to undergo mastectomies due to breast cancer would have really benefited from Airxpanders technology.

Pretty much all my other speculatives are down as well, except for Electro Optics Systems (EOS), which seems to be doing really well – this one is worth over four times what I invested now. This is another stock I’d actually prefer to get out of, though, for ethical/moral reasons. I’d originally bought into it because I thought their space technologies were interesting and useful, but I’ve since realised that they have a large focus on weapons targeting systems. So this one will also likely end up being sold off, probably in the new financial year, when I’ll be able to avoid exceeding the concessional contribution cap on my super.

That’s where I stand at the end of 2019, and I’m happy with this progress.