Net worth update December 2020

Well, the annus horribilus 2020 is now over – with any luck, 2021 will be better.

In good news, my superannuation has recovered well from the losses of the first half of the year as the market responded to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a quite surprising gain in my overall net worth during this half year – it’s up a fraction under 8.55% in the past six months. And since I first calculated it in mid-2019, it’s up by 15.51%.

In comparison to June, my super represents only an additional 1% of total net worth, though. Shares haven’t changed – at less than 1% they’re still registering as an effective zero in the chart (now that AfterPay has blasted through the $100 mark, I’m feeling a tad regretful that I sold when I did). However, my cash savings have gone up a bit – they’re now 10% of net worth, and my PPoR, which hasn’t changed in estimated value, now sits at 40% of net worth.

I’m still tossing up whether to smash the mortgage first or kick off some ETF investing. That opportunity cost factor is niggling at me a bit, but the thought of finally having the banker off my back is also extremely appealing. Decisions, decisions!