Welcome to all my new followers!

Hi everyone, and thanks for subscribing!

Having recently noticed a spike in subscribers, I thought I’d quickly say hello and welcome to my blog!

If the blog name hasn’t given it away, I’m a single person seeking financial independence. I’m also a late starter – I only came across the concept after I hit the big five-oh. This blog is my way of keeping a diary of sorts of my progress as well as keeping myself accountable and on track.

Presumably you’re all somewhere on the FIRE path, whether you’re just starting out, you’re on your way, or maybe you’re already there. Maybe, like me when I first heard about it, you’re still just trying to figure out what the heck FIRE is about or even whether it’s something that’s possible for you (good news – for most people it is, but the key is to get started!). Wherever you find yourself on the path to FIRE (or even just FI if you’re not keen on retiring early or, like me, you’ve come to FIRE later in life), I hope you find something here that resonates with you. If not, there are plenty of other wonderful Aussie FIRE bloggers out there so there’s bound to be someone’s story or writing style that you can relate to. I have a list of my favourites on my Blogroll.

If FIRE is new to you and you’re wondering whether it’s do-able or even if it’s worth pursuing, I can categorically tell you that the answer is yes. A thousand times, YES. It simply isn’t possible to not be better off by saving your money and investing it in quality investments. And when you’re starting out, and your focus is simply on saving up your emergency fund (or Mojo money, as the Barefoot Investor calls it), I can’t begin to tell you just how much peace of mind you get from knowing that “you’ve got this” if something goes wrong and you need to get something fixed or replaced. Your fridge motor dies? You get an unexpected bill? No problem. Sudden unforeseen medical or dental expense for a family member or pet? No sweat! Worldwide pandemic resulting in a concurrent unemployment pandemic? You’ll be okay.

If you’re already on the FIRE path, congratulations for getting going! I hope you find something in my words that is helpful, whether that’s information you wouldn’t otherwise have known, a perspective you hadn’t considered, a bit of inspiration as well as things you can relate to (I’m nothing if not bluntly honest in my updates, whether I’m going well or not so well), or just a sense of community and some reassurance that you’re not alone in the journey and you’re not completely off your rocker for wanting to do it.

If you’ve already reached FIRE (or just FI), there’s probably not much I can tell you! You’ve already done it. Perhaps I’ll inspire you to share your own story by starting a blog of your own instead. šŸ™‚

So, welcome to FIRE for One. And remember – a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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